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 The Electronic Communications Networks (ECN) Brokers 

When you trade with a Dealing Desk (DD) broker the price you see, is not a market price. It is a synthetic price generated by the broker. When you win, the broker loses and vise versa. That is why the DD broker runs the so-called B-Book.

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First Steps in Forex

Let us consider a very simple scenario. Suppose that today the pair EUR/USD is characterized by: Bid (buying price) 1.3 and Ask (selling price) 1.35 (This is how much USD you are supposed to give or take  for 1 EUR). Now, suppose you know that tomorrow these parameters will change to

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Best Forex Brokers. Test Drive

First of all, make sure that the forex broker has the right leverage, tools, and services for the amount of capital that you are able to work with. Check the margin rules. Since you are trading with borrowed money, your forex broker may limit risk you are able to take. You agree to this when you sign a margin agreement for your account.

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Dealing Desk Brokers

Dealing desks brokers try to group the trades together not sending tiny individual trades to the market the way the ECN brokers do. The goal is to save on the broker’s transaction costs. This is something that the tourist agency does when they assemble a tourist group to Hawaii instead of selling the tours individually.

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Feel Comfortable with your Broker

The forex broker links you to the forex market, so once you decide to become a forex trader, you start a process of selecting the broker that suits you best. Almost every day, a new forex broker is being born online.The competition for the customers is fierce and brokers keep improving the quality of their service and online tools. With the abundant variety of features and services promised, your task is to find a broker that you can actually trust, feel confident with and feel comfortable with.   

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