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hotforex_mini_educationHotforex Mini Account and Bonus

The mini account of Hotforex designed for beginners of forex and for those trading small volumes. The minimum deposit is just $5, with the leverage up to 1:1000. The multilingual customer support for this account is available 24/5 in 12 languages. The account is complemented by a free e-course of forex so that the forex beginners can learn the new theories and technical analysis and implement them in practice.

If you ask me, it is usually better to trade small real money you can afford. Invest 10-20 dollars and get the taste of a real forex trading instead of trading virtual 100K with a demo account. Sure, you will not make much with $20 investment, but it is a great practice and great experience (see also forex meditation).Finally, the bonus. Hotforex offers two types of bonus, namely, “50% Withdraw Bonus” and “15% Rescue Bonus”.Remember, that the bonus is given for real. The top forex brokers do not want you to lose. As opposed to that, the forex broker wants you to win and increase your trading volume so that they make more money on spreads.

Therefore, “50% Withdraw Bonus” is given to increase your trading volume: it can be used to increased the leverage as well. If Hotforex volume requirements are met, the bonus can be withdrawn. The broker offers some very comfortable time bound for completing the requirements, encouraging cautious and effective trading.

The 15% Rescue Bonus is designed for different purpose. In this case Hotforex protects your accounts from drawdown stages. The bonus can be lost with no limitations and can also be used as the margin. Finally, Hotforex effectively makes the stop out point on the original (without the bonus) balance as zero.

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