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hedging in FXHedging with InstaForex

Only on FOREX market in the period of global financial crisis it is possible to hedge your business risks which were induced by the considerable fluctuation of the exchange rates on the currency market. InstaForex is one of few companies offering to the Clients of service of consultation on hedging and implementation of the program, directed on hedging of a base asset.

It is assigned two hedging types - Buyer hedging and Seller hedging. Buyer hedging is used for decreasing the risk connected with the possible increase of the good’s price. Seller hedging is used in the opposite situation - for limitation of the risk connected with the possible decrease of the good’s price. The common hedging principle under foreign trade operations lies in opening currency position at the trading account as a future position for funds converting. Importer needs to buy foreign currency that is why he/she opens a position buying on a trading account in advance and when a moment of a currency purchase in his bank comes he closes the position.

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