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Mirror Trader Copy ForexAva Offers Mirror Trader

Forex traders can now profit from the knowledge and experience of other traders while still being able to apply their own assessments. The advanced Mirror Trader from AvaTrade offers full automatic trading, semi-automatic trading and automatic trading – all in one platform!


You decide which strategy providers you wish to follow. Mirror Trader will automatically open and close trades that mirror the strategy provider even when your computer is turned off. You can view the past performance of all strategies – and their relative risk factor – to help your decisions.

Mirror Trader allows you to create a portfolio of strategies from various providers and you have complete freedom to add and remove strategies whenever you like.


Watch the live signals provided by strategy providers alongside the market charts and select which trades you wish to “mirror” in real time. The software will then close your position when the strategy provider does, or you can choose to close the position manually.

Manual Trading

Utilize Mirror Trader’s full suite of charting tools to monitor the market and make trades. At the same time you can see what trades the strategy providers are making in order to inform your own trading decisions.

With Mirror Trader you can adapt your strategy to suit you – mixing auto- & semi-mirroring with manual trading as you see fit. Sign up today and start using AvaTrade Mirror Trader for your trades.  Ava Trade is also offering a reduction of spreads on the Mirror Trader Platform.

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