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Runaway Gap Forex Pattern

From a technical point of view, runaway, or measurement, gaps are special gaps that occur within solid trends. They are known as measurement gaps because they tend to occur about midway through the life of a trend. Thus, if you measure the total range of the previous trend and extrapolate it from the measurement gap, you can identify the end of the trend and your price objective. Since the velocity of the move should be similar on both sides of the gap, you also have a time frame for the duration of the trend.


Trading Signals for Runaway Gaps

1. The runaway, or measurement, gap provides the direction of the market. As a continuation pattern, this type of gap confirms the health and the velocity of the trend.

2. Volume is good because traders like trends, and confirmed trends attract more optimism and capital.

3. This is the only type of gap that also provides a price objective and a time frame. These characteristics are also useful for developing hedging strategies.