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New eToro OpenBook Version

stocks etoroThe new eToro OpenBook version is focused on expanding your sharing ability on the eToro Openbook, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

You can now share interesting posts from eToro users, Trade Stories and see how your Facebook friends rank compared to yourself.Share interesting posts on eToro, Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin. The share link appears at the bottom of the post.  Clicking the share link will open a popup allowing you to add your thoughts and comments. The item will be shared on your eToro OpenBook feed and any other social network of your choice.

The Trade Story 

The pop up has a nice simple look. When you close a profitable trade/investment or an open trade that has a positive gain so far, you can share this good news with your friends on Facebook. The Trade Story is then added to your Facebook timeline.

Challenge your Facebook friends

You can now view the rankings of your Facebook friends (based on Last 30 days gain), compare your performance and share your rank on Facebook. On the right-hand side of your eToro OpenBook home page you can see the My Friends widget. Once you click “Share”, the post will be added to your Facebook timeline



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