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PAMM accounts with Instaforex

  PAMM stands for Percentage Allocation Management Module. It is a forex account which includes several trading accounts of investors managed by an experienced Forex professional responsible for all of the trading.  PAMM system is an reliable method of investment without any constraints on minimum or maximum deposits. According to many brokers the PAMM return can could exceed 20% annual and even more. Of course, nobody guarantees you that, however, every investor registered with the Instaforex PAMM system is provided with the list of managing accounts to select from. Instaforex guarantees that the information is correct.  Therefore, the investor has the opportunity to invest funds, depending on the confidence in the available results of trading.

It is often advisable to diversify risks by investing small amounts in different managed accounts. The investor can monitor the profit and withdraw either the profit or the entire deposit automatically subject to investor’s conditions. The investor can maintain contact with the managing trader at all times and see his/her statistics view such as the number and volume of investments made by other investors in this account. Finally, Instaforex guarantees fund protection against withdrawals by managing traders.

Any client of InstaForex having a live trading account can become a PAMM investor. Right after your registration, your trading account status can be changed to the PAMM investor. It means that, besides the usual trading functions, you can employ the entire set of tools provided by  Instaforex PAMM.  As a matter of fact, you can invest your funds right after the registration but before you take the real actions it is strongly recommend that you familiarize yourself with the PAMM.  Fore instance,  invest a trivial amounts of $1 and test the PAMM system in practice. Go through the entire system of investing in an account of make sure of the accuracy in share and profit calculation.

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